Our consultants solve problems how to be better in area business, marketing and leadership. We carefully select our clients for a win-win approach. We prefer clients who share the same believe: who wants to learn and grow to be better together; who wants to build from the inside out. Both have a strong passion to collaborate in developing and executing the strategy.

We have strong passion for knowledge, passion for business, passion for service, and passion for people. When you want to get things to be better, we are the ones to count on.

We are providing these services in English, Dutch or Indonesian.



Every company wants to be continuous successful and wants to be better. The internet, new technology, new market behaviour and many other factors of influences have change our business throughout the last years. Together we can executing a relevant and extraordinary business strategy plan, so that your company gain better result than before. Therefore, we need to discuss the internal and external of your company by consultancy sessions. Or, do you have a (new) business and you want advise on how "to be better" run a longterm, fulfilling successful company; we are gladly to empower you by our sessions.


Do you want "to be better" to reach your clients or audience? A good and relevant Marketing tactical & strategy plan or campaign are important for your company in the short term and long haul. And, it is great mindset tool to create awareness and to influence your customers and clients, so that they can engage or buy your products or services. 


Leadership is important to lead your team in the right directions. We believe the right method of leadership and skills that your team, your company or your nonprofit organisation will excel better. In our session, we will educate you "to be better" leader with relevant leadership skills and how to master it. 


Creative Visual Communication

Creative Visual Communication are the most effective way of passing information and elevate your brand. Human mind processing things in images. We understand images produce higher engagement than regular text posts. Photo is worth a thousand words. It is important to visually captivating in order to communicate with your audience. Your visual communication (social media, website & advertising) play a major role to expose your authentic brand identity. Your website is your brand's display tools to communicate about who you are and what you do.

We love beautiful design and beautiful photography to enhance your brand apperance. We are welcome any request for supporting your branding and visual communication through photography (content creation and photo product), and website. 


PhotoGRAPHY & CONTENT creation   

Content creation is a marketing approach that involves creating, curating, distributing and amplifying content that is interest, relevant and useful in order to brand evangelism specially in digital and social media era. You will reach out a lot more to your community, your target groups, the millenniums or the iGenerations (Z-Generations).

We strategically discuss what kind a story that you want to communicate to your audience. We believe the power of storytelling. We take professional photos for your company, website, events and products to attract and communicate to your audience.

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