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Our Vision & Mission

We empower companies and individuals to be better through consultancy and creativity.  We embrace your passion and serve you by providing consulting and creativity in branding visual communication. We have consultancy in business, marketing and leadership. And, we specialise our creative branding visual communication in photography and content creation .

Our company is called “Light-creative”. You can’t see things without the light. Our world would be dull without creativity. Creativity encourage us to do something and to be better. Do you know that you are the light who sparks your world. We enhance your light from the inside of your organisation to the outside, your community. Together we can create something better to visualise and elevate your passion. 

We believe your company future is not a head of you but inside of you. Building the company from the inside out. Every company of every person has their own personality, values, potential and strength. Also, every company is unique.  No matter how long you start your company, so many times companies overlook their own potential and strength. We are helping you to see the “Inside” potential and together we develop to be better. 

At the same time we are helping you with your “Outer” communications, visual and brand. How the way you communicate with your customers and clients. 

We believe in the long term when you are better from the inside out, your results will be better. Your team will excel. Your business profit and revenues will be better and your business increase more loyal customers.





Build first from internal organisation. We believe that when people can see and believe in your vision and your values, that they will be loyal and your team will perform exceptionally well. 


Do the best with everything that you have.


We believe your vision can be the same, but the method can be change to get your vision.


We believe small things matters to build your culture.